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B8 Theatre Company's

2017-18 season opener


But you're not too late for

the great season ahead

including Diablo Actors Ensemble's

holiday premiere of Scott Fryer's


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​Due to a family emergency I will not be accepting audition

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​Thanks for seeking me out on the web. Good luck in finding your perfect cast.

Elinor Bell, Actor

Elinor is a proud ensemble member of B8 Theatre Company

B8 Theatre Company is happy to host guest artists Diablo Actors Ensemble for the holidays! In our ongoing efforts to support fellow artists, B8 welcomes other small companies to utilize our performance space when our production schedule allows. We hope that you support our friends at Diablo Actors Ensemble and come see this delightful holiday show! 

Diablo Actors Ensemble's  
World Premiere of
Written and Directed by Scott Fryer
Runs December 1- 16, 2017

An Appalachian Christmas is the story of a young boy growing up in the Appalachian mountains with his two great aunts in the late 1930s. Through some very difficult lessons, he learns about the gift of giving and gratefulness in hard times. This warm holiday play promises to be an enjoyable evening of theatre for the entire family.
Beth Chastain
Ann Kendrick
Campbell Zeigler 
For more show and info on Diable Actors Ensemble, Inc.,  
call Diablo Actors Ensemble at 925.305.6171, visit them at,    
or email